Opening Doors for Young People

The POPs Open Doors Program is intended to offer opportunities to children who would not typically have the ability to experience theater production or the arts.  Our goal is to open the door for our youth and expose them to possibilities which they may have not entertained previously.  By supporting this program, you are enabling our youth to grow, experience, and become more than they thought they could be. Help us open doors for these children! Donors receive recognition in our POPs programs, tickets to performances, and regular updates on our scholarship children. 

Be a part of opening a door for a young person

Stage Door - $10,000

 Contributions at this level provides children the experience to perform in a professional theatre with a high production value. 

Backstage Door - $5000

 Provides our Tech Artisans program equipment and gear to learn on and use in our productions. Moving lights, sound, and more. 

Workshop Door- $2500

 Pays for one whole season of a tech artisan class, and scholarships 5 children.

Rehearsal Door - $1500

 Provides 1 child with a scholarship giving the gift of theatre, including costumes, tickets, dance shoes, and materials. 

Box Office Door - $500

 Can provide 25 underserved children with tickets to see our shows. 

Green Room Door - $250

 Provides costumes, makeup, shoes, tech meals