What is G.R.A.A.C.E.?


GIVE of your beautiful and authentic self and create a space for others to do so as well.

RECEIVE other’s gifts and struggles as part of the human journey. Seek to understand people before making snap judgements. Acceptance is key to unlocking the heart.

ALLOW others the space to step into the world as themselves. Try letting go of how someone else reflects upon you.



EXPRESSION is the DNA of your heart-print and unique offering to the world.


Creating G.R.A.A.C.E

 Founder and Executive Director, Julia Mirkovich created an incredible POPs outreach program. G.R.A.A.C.E which gives ALL kids the opportunity to enjoy theatre- regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, or development. On our POPs stage, children with special needs have worked together with typically developing children and students from LA's Boys and Girls Club who have joined POPs performers to share the love of music, song, and dance.


Community Outreach

  With our G.R.A.A.C.E outreach program, POPs  can reach its mission of creating an environment free of judgement, and filled with acceptance, both on and off .  Students from throughout LA County come together to enjoy theater.

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